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International Admissions

1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, California 95401

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International Student Program


About Santa Rosa
Junior College

Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) is located in Santa Rosa, California. SRJC was founded in 1918 and is the 10th oldest among California’s community colleges. SRJC has two campuses, a college farm, public safety training center, and student-run restaurant and bakery. The fully accredited college has approximately 20,000 students enrolled in more than 2,500 classes. SRJC has one of the highest transfer rates in California to University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) campuses.

SRJC offers over 100 majors and more than 150 certificates.



Behavioral Science
Computer Science
Health Occupations
Theatre Arts


Culinary Arts
Digital Media
Sustainable Agriculture
Wine Studies


Northern California

We are located in Northern California, one hour north of San Francisco, which features gorgeous scenery, thriving street life and great restaurants. SRJC is close to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, and Pacific Ocean. Silicon Valley, home to Google, Facebook, Intel and Apple, are located nearby.  •  The weather is typically sunny and beautiful, with average day  high temperatures of 82 degrees (28C) in summer and average day lows of 50 degrees F (10 C)  in the winter. 

Sonoma County:
State of California Attractions:
California State Parks:
National Parks:

“When I first arrived at SRJC, I was taken good care of by the school. They arranged tours so that I easily would make new friends. It was nice to feel welcome and get to know the international counselor, and even the president of the school. I am definitely having the time of my life.”


– Linda Lassen, Denmark

“I am very grateful for the tremendous support I have received at SRJC and from instructors who help me study and guide my future transfer. The international student office at SRJC is filled with people who are thoughtful and care about you.”


– Xiaoxiao, Beijing, China

“SRJC scholarships helped me discover my passion for biomedical sciences and allowed me to pursue my dream of transferring to Cornell University in spite of financial challenges.”

“When I first arrived at SRJC, I was taken good care of by the school. They arranged tours so that I easily would make new friends. It was nice to feel welcome and get to know the international counselor, and even the president of the school. I am definitely having the time of my life.”


“There are a lot of resources and teachers on campus to help you. They have free tutors to help you with homework, and almost everything is set up for you to have a successful time here.”


– Nellie Ayih-Akakpo, Togo, West Africa

– Duc Pham, Vietnam

“Applying for admission and enrolling for classes

was really easy. Instructors and staff in general are

very professional and polite. I definitely recommend spending a few semesters here. The experiences you will have and the cultural knowledge you will gain just by being here are invaluable.”

– Marcelo Montes Deoca, Uruguay

“I would have never guessed that I would one day attend Santa Rosa Junior College because being from West Africa, I always targeted famous universities. However SRJC is the place to go for international students because on top of getting a premium education comparable to the one you get at four year schools for the first two years, it is way cheaper. Moreover, you get to have one on one time with the teachers which helps you understand the material better. I have met so many friends, from different countries and I would never forget the wonderful time I had at SRJC. “

– Salimata Massaly, Senegal

“I had a dream to come to the USA and get a quality education. SRJC was exactly the college I was looking for. Good and friendly teachers, quality education, friendly environment, and last but not least, good international counselors.”

– Menuka Shrestha, Nepal.

“This journey at SRJC has been the best experience of my life. Though I was unfamiliar with the language and also the culture of this country, the students and teachers of SRJC have welcomed me with open hearts. Before I was admitted to SRJC I wanted two things: good education and good friends. And that is exactly what I have found in this campus. I can honestly say that SRJC is my home. Let it be yours too!”

– Uran Rraci, Kosovo

Transfer &
Academic Success


SRJC has transfer agreements (TAG) with 4-year universities, making it easy to transfer. Students can complete the first 2 years of a bachelor’s degree at SRJC and get a high-quality education by taking the same courses they would take at a university but at a much lower cost.

A recent study shows students who complete their first two years of a bachelor’s degree at SRJC get better grades than students who complete all four years at a university.

Statistics indicate nearly 80% of SRJC applicants to the University of California system (UC) were accepted, the third highest acceptance rate from California Community College applicants.

Top transfer destinations for SRJC students are: UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, Sonoma State University and San Francisco State University.

Estimated Annual Education & Living Expenses

Student Services

Santa Rosa Junior College has international student advisors in its Admissions Office to assist you in applying to SRJC. Before arrival, our international counselor will help you select classes and create a personal study plan to help you achieve your educational goals by communicating via email, Skype.


- A transfer center to assist students in selecting

  and applying to a four-year university in the

  United States.

- State-of-the-art libraries with over 275 computers

  for student use. Laptops, scientific calculators, and

  textbooks are available on loan.

- Assistance with resources to aid students looking for

  housing, such as apartments within walking distance

  of the college and homestays.

- Extensive orientation before the semester begins.

  Students meet our International Student Program

  staff, socialize with other students, and tour the

  campus and local area attractions.

- A scholarship office to help international

  students apply for scholarships.




•    Tutorial Center – individual assistant

      available for all courses
•    English Writing Center – students can

      take their homework assignments to

      the center and get assistance with

      instructors and tutors in completing

      the writing assignment
•    Math Lab – students have access to

      math instructors and tutors to assist

      with math
•    College Skills – remedial courses in

      English and math
•    ESL –  English as a Second

      Language courses available, including

      pronunciation and conversation as

      well as reading and writing 

ELS provides all levels of English as a foreign language instruction in an intensive format. Avoid taking TOEFL/IELTS tests by completing ELS Level 105 and then transfer directly into SRJC

ELS Language Center on Santa Rosa Campus

- State-of-the-art libraries with over 275 computers

  for student use. Laptops, scientific calculators, and

  textbooks are available on loan.

SRJC provides students many opportunities for cultural enrichment. We have more than 50 student clubs, on-campus cultural events and an active student government.

SRJC has one of the most successfully competitive athletic programs in the California Community College system. Athletic teams are available for men and women.  Our sports include, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, and more.

Each semester, SRJC students are involved in concerts, theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, and film festivals. SRJC has a college museum, art gallery, and planetarium that hosts events for students and the community.

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area have extensive cultural, recreational and athletic opportunities for international students to explore.





The Sonoma County Junior College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, ethnic group identification, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic condition, marital status, sex, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information or sexual orientation in any of its policies, procedures or practices; nor does the District discriminate against any employees or applicants for employment on the basis of their age. This non-discrimination policy covers admission, access and treatment in District programs and activities—including but not limited to academic admissions, financial aid, educational services and athletics—and application for District employment.

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1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, California USA 95401

Phone: +1-707-527-4509